Spray Foam Insulation - What It is

Spray foam is a continuous insulation and air seal material that is sprayed on walls, roofs, into gaps and corners, and on all contoured surfaces. Spray foam is able to seal cracks and crevices throughout a home. Sealing cracks and gaps reduces the air exchange, or air leaks, in and out of a home. Air leaks are a leading cause of increased energy bills. HVAC systems that heat and cool buildings are continuously operating. By reducing extreme temperature variations with spray foam insulation, you will  save on the overuse of mechanical systems which  leads to lower energy bills.

Icynene – An Insulation and Air Seal Product

Icynene spray foam insulation and air seal products include open-cell and closed-cell solutions. These can be used either separately or in tandem within a particular project, so as to maximize long-term comfort in your home with thermal insulating and air sealing. Rest assured that Daniel Insulation has been extensively trained and licensed by Icynene to install spray foam insulation products.